Doodled the gang during my down time.

Doodled the gang during my down time.

Parker’s attempt at keeping a journal.

Dad and I went into the woods to pick bugs.

I found a pretty one for mom.

She wasn’t too happy about it.

I think I’ll wash the next one first.


  • Romi: LAOS
  • Halle: where the hell did Laos go anyway
  • Romi: IN MY PANTS
  • romi: I MEAN WHAT
  • Halle: where DIDNT Laos go?
  • Halle: >_>
  • Edmund: GOOD


Oh no
I think I broke the forums.
I was so excited about all the rps that I was just reading and reading and then I clicked to go to the next page in a thread and “GENERAL ERROR”
I am so sorry everyone. I AM SORRY.

Now I’ll never know how the Vaida/Edmund thread ends because I can’t get back into the forums.

Oh no
I think I broke the forums.
I was so excited about all the rps that I was just reading and reading and then I clicked to go to the next page in a thread and “GENERAL ERROR”
I am so sorry everyone. I AM SORRY.

The first few things I heard come out of his mouth made me want to give him a black eye. I found out pretty quickly that the topic of his height was a sore spot, and so I made sure to use that knowledge to my advantage.
— Kei Endo

This probably jumps around a lot, and the ideas aren’t as complete as I would have liked but I just let it all flow~

Every once in a while he would show up at her family’s home. Most of the time he would tag along with her big brother, acting as if he were interested in whatever it was Kei was doing.

She enjoyed his company, not that Francis was too keen on talking with a girl seven years younger than himself, but he tolerated her which was more than she could have asked for. It was a normal thing for her. Her mother tolerated her, sometimes it felt like Kei did as well.

The first time Francis came over was the summer after he and Kei became friends. Francis had just graduated from the wizarding academy, and was set on spending time vacationing here and there before going out to find a way to make a living.  He was at the Endo summer house for a month. Romi would find whatever excuse she could to go over. Sometimes she needed to see Kei, other times she would remember a book that was left behind.

Summertime with Francis became a regular thing for the next few years, and little by little she and Francis would talk more and more. The older Romi got, the more personal her conversations became with Francis. She had heard stories from Kei (obviously meant to scare her) about how much of a womanizer Francis was, but she had to admit that a part of her wished he would have made some move on her.

However, once Romi met Edmund, her talks with Francis became less frequent until they stopped completely. She was smitten by the American born wizard, and no one could blame her. In each other they found a place to belong and to be loved.

Now, Edmund Wheland was intelligent, tall, handsome, and a little full of himself but he treated her like she was the only person in the world that mattered. Having grown up without siblings in a tiny muggle town, Edmund had a lonely childhood with only bugs and books to really keep him company. Minus the bugs, Romi could relate to that on some level. The only person who paid her any mind as a child was her father, but even then he was frequently away from home.

Now and then, Romi would find herself thinking about Francis. Where he was. What he was doing. If he was okay. She hadn’t seen him in some time. Then again, she hadn’t been seeking him out either. Kei was spending a lot of time with Silvia, and so Romi assumed that he was too busy to entertain his best friend so he stopped coming around.

The next time she saw Francis wasn’t until years later at Kei’s engagement party.

I feel like this is the only pose I draw Fromi in.

I feel like this is the only pose I draw Fromi in.


The firelight cast an unusually warm glow across the common room – it could be perceived as unusual, anyway. Hufflepuff was the house known for its warmth, and having been to their common room, Del could attest. Ravenclaw was viewed as cold and stuffy, stuck-up, but looking about her now at her half-dozing housemates she knew that wasn’t true. Delphine tucked her legs under her body and peered into the fire, away from the scroll and quill waiting in her lap. She didn’t have to look to know that Madi was scribbling away beside her, making clean crosses over misused words. That was how it was. Where Del slacked, Madison excelled, even when they’d been writing these papers for two hours now. It was exactly that reason that it was so surprising to Del when the scritching and scratching slowed, halted, and a weight fell upon her shoulder.

                She turned her head ever so slightly, peering down at the mass of dark ginger hair and pale forehead resting against her. Madi’s breathing was light, sharp but not in an alarming manner. It reminded Delphine of the summer where they stayed at the Endo family summer retreat, and it was too hot for the oaf of a teenage girl to sleep comfortably, while apparently just right for the smaller of the friends. She’d stayed up until she heard the birds chirping, watching her companion across the little space between their too small beds. She could see why the boys always fancied Madi. She was delicate, but Delphine knew the strong, level headed determination behind her closed trembling eyelids that made Madison somehow alluring. It wasn’t summer anymore, and bogged with schoolwork as they were, her eyelids still flickered. Delphine rested her cheek comfortably atop her best friends head, and resumed her scrawling about the properties of Death-Cap Draught.